Addiction Recovery Coaching:
Transformation Addiction Recovery Program

Personalized, Confidential Solution-based Recovery Program developed and led by Psychiatrist and Addiction Recovery Coach Dr. Cyntrell

Transformative Addiction Recovery Program is give people hope designed in a way to take focus off disease. My clients learn how to say

  • Live with the disease of addiction
  • Understanding their disease and overcome it

Rx and Treatment Option: Crawford Behavioral Health– provided to individuals and companies in Pennsylvania

Crawford Behavioral Health is a telepsychiatry service provider organization with a mission to transform access to behavioral health care through innovative applications of technology.

Our telepsychiatry services enables qualified mental health providers to deliver mental health services to individuals living in underserved areas or to individuals with limited access to services due to provider shortage. Telepsychiatry is the use of video conferencing equipment to conduct real-time mental health consultation between a clinician and patient.

We use telepsychiatry in a variety of settings, including: Individuals, Community mental health clinics, Physician practices, Substance Abuse and many more…