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Dr. Cyntrell T. Crawford, MD is a Adult Psychiatrist who focuses on Addiction Recovery, who is also speaker, author, consultant and media personality.  Dr. Cyntrell is also Founder and Chief Medical Advisor of and shares her knowledge via her web series to help those struggling with addiction find a confidential and safe path to recovery.

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It has been my pleasure to work with Dr. Cyntrell.  She has always provided the best patient care and demonstrate high levels of enthusiasm while discussing case consultations with her colleagues.  She easily obtains the trust of the many patients she treats, along with staff members due to her genuine desire to effectively help everyone.  Some words that come to mind, when describing Dr. Cyntrell are responsible, interactive, positive, approachable, and professional.  Her in-depth knowledge, experience and the dedication all contribute to her success in the healthcare community.

Juan Carlos H. Mental Health Therapist in Philadelphia, PA

Your livestreams opens the door for individuals who suffer some form of mental illness, especially in a world where people pass judgement or even criticize these individuals. You are there to offer education and support. We need more doctors like you. Thanks for caring, Dr. Cyntrell

Charlotte C., Client

The Urge Fix Recovery Guide


Are you struggling with an addiction? Are you in active recovery and want to develop a plan to prevent relapse? If you need a clear, focused, and understandable strategy for fighting the battle against your addiction, The Urge Fix Recovery Guide is your roadmap to a successful journey.

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Hi #Gatekeepers! It’s me Dr. Cyntrell. Do you ever ask yourself these questions: Why can’t they just stop using? Let’s talk about why change is so difficult in addiction. Recovery is a major change with multiple challenges.  Change is often stressful and usually freaks everyone out. Although, it...

I Want to Be An Addict
I Want to Be An Addict

Mommy, Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be an addict Hi #Overcomers and #GateKeepers! It’s me Dr. Cyntrell, do you remember being a kid? Do you remember the big dreams? Do you remember the adventures and using your imagination? No matter how we remember our childhood “good or bad”. We all had...

Drug Addiction
Drug Addiction

Hi #Overcomers and #GateKeepers! It’s me Dr. Cyntrell. As many of you know, Drug addiction has many faces.  It is important to recognizing the signs of drug addiction to begin the road to recovery.  How do you know what to look for in drug addiction?  The signs can be obvious if you know what to...