Hi #Gatekeepers! It’s me Dr. Cyntrell. Do you ever ask yourself these questions: Why can’t they just stop using? Let’s talk about why change is so difficult in addiction.

Recovery is a major change with multiple challenges.  Change is often stressful and usually freaks everyone out. Although, it has many benefits, but taking that first step is usually unknown and scary for a person struggling with an addiction.

What is needed for your love one to successful recover?

  1. Courage to make the choice to change and to stop using drugs or alcohol
  2. Resiliency to keep pushing forward through the bad and good times in recovery

Why are they resistance to change?

Fear of the unknown. Some addicts have no memory or even positive experiences of a sober life. They can not see their own self destructing behaviors or they don’t care. It also can be consider a leap of faith and cause some anxiety and many questions, such as can I do this? What is it like? What if I fail?

Ambivalence: Why do I need to change? They like getting high, but not necessarily the consequences . It has become a way of life for them all the same.

Guilt, Self-hatred: People won’t forget what I’ve done. “I’m already a felon.” “I’ve already lost my kids.” “My wife or husband has already left me”. What is the point to stop now?

Comfortable.  Not ideal lifestyle, but they are comfortable. They already have a routine. They have friends who are addicts and destroyed most other relationships. Too much effort to walk away from the life.They don’t want to change.  The change is being forced on them by family members, concerns of legal consequences, worry about losing a job or children.

Change in life is inevitable, difficult but also very rewarding. Change and grow for the better. That’s all for now, Dr. Cyntrell.