Drug Addiction

Hi #Overcomers and #GateKeepers! It’s me Dr. Cyntrell. As many of you know, Drug addiction has many faces.  It is important to recognizing the signs of drug addiction to begin the road to recovery.  How do you know what to look for in drug addiction?  The signs can be obvious if you know what to look for.

A person with a drug addiction generally have erratic behaviors and do things they normally wouldn’t do.  The moods of a person with drug addiction can be unpredictable alternating between bouts of agitation and then exhaustion.  Often times, they have trouble sleeping, stay awake or sleep for long periods of time.

Drug addiction is often accompanied by depression, so look for sadness, loss of interest in activities previously enjoyable and an abrupt weight change. Take account of frequent absences, no longer participating in family events, missing work and distancing themselves from people they used to be close to.

Some physical signs of drug addiction include bloodshot eyes or dazed or expressionless look.  They may appear to be daydreaming. Also, excessive sweating, flushed skin, or an unexplained rash.  Inflamed nostrils or an excessively runny nose can indicate an addiction to an opiate such as cocaine.  People who use methamphetamine – or meth – will have a sudden and dramatic loss of weight and may lose their teeth and likely have open sores on their bodies.

A much more difficult process–recognizing drug addiction in yourself.  Most people don’t want to admit that they have a problem, it’s much more difficult to come to terms with an addiction.

You may find yourself having intense, uncontrollable craving for a drug and feel like you can’t function without it.  You always seek ample supply of your drug of choice and become frantic when your supply starts running low.  You might find yourself doing things you wouldn’t normally do when using the drug such as stealing or being promiscuous.

The drug addiction takes hold of your life and you see your life spinning out of control with no way to stop the fall.  You attempt to stop using the drug but repeatedly fail.

Recognizing drug addiction in your love one or yourself is VERY important.  You must start the recovery process once you recognize the signs and how the addiction has taken over your life or your family member’s life.  Recognizing the signs of drug addiction is key, you or your love one can get help and become drug free! That’s all for now, Dr. Cyntrell